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Mama - the musical

Mama the Musical - a mother’s journey, toddler in tow. Told through live music and standup comedy Aimee lays out what it is to be a mom from being the best insta mom you can be: #livingourbestlives #allthehastags to getting covered in the faeces of your own child when you’ve got a show to put on. What do we google at midnight when everyone else is in bed? Will she get botox and will she stare so far into her own navel that she never returns?

Mama The Musical was workshopped with director and theatre maker Sarah Hamilton Baker and showcased at Warwick Arts Centre in 2019 as part of PILOT nights. The initial ideas were compiled over 2 1/2 years when I had my first son. The music was written in collaboration with Gary Hill in the three weeks leading up to the initial PILOT nights performance. 

We will be entering a period or R&D in 2020.

For videos and photos of the initial scratch Performance click here.